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Under the Capri Sun

3 days, 2 ports and a whole lot of sangria later and we have finally docked in Napoli. Aboard the Norwegian Epic for only two days now, I went stir crazy being disconnected from the rest of the world, but it was all worthwhile because today I was able to visit the small but impressive island of Capri. I wasn’t planning on writing about my excursions whilst on the ship because they truly are so short but I had to make an exception for Capri and you’ll soon see why!

Upon arrival, we met with Michele ( Mi-que-le), our tour guide for the day (click here to find out more about this amazing tour company).There were two big stops, which draw sightseers to Capri, but that was not what encouraged my hand when writing about the island.

Our first stop: The Blue Grotto.

This is one of Capri’s main attractions and understandably so. The Blue Grotto is only available to see 1 out of 4 days (due to the fact that tides get too high to enter). We were lucky enough to be able to have a peek at the scintillating waters (quick tip: the earlier you go, the less likely it is to find high tides!). A lovely and all too short experience, I soaked in my surroundings and listened to the harmonious Italian melodies (inside the blue grotto not pictured).

After the Blue Grotto we piled into a convertible, common in Capri and perfect for the breezy island weather.

Next stop: Anacapri

We boarded a single-rider lift and rode up to Monte Solaro, all while enjoying the breathtaking views.

Through the touring company, we learned of a very obscure lunch spot and I would say it was well worth the detour. Michele arranged for us to go promptly, by shuttle, to the farm-to-table restaurant, which I would later learn goes by the name Da Gelsomina ( <-- check out their website!).

Da Gelsomina does it all, running a bed and breakfast, restaurant and farm, the family-run business offers an intimate yet welcoming tone to the whole dining experience.

For those of you who love a good, organic meal, Da Gelsomina is dishing up their own wine and olive oil while cultivating their own vegetables. They try to produce most of their ingredients needed, in house, and are almost independently sustainable.

We started with various antipasti dishes, including their homemade salami and buffalo mozzarella, common to Italy, along with their homegrown eggplant and pepper dishes (a foodie's paradise).

The antipasti were followed by pasta dishes, where I tried the linguine with mussels in a creamy lemon sauce. The lemon-based sauce is inspired by one of the island’s most important goods, the lemon; islands off Italy’s mainland are known for cultivating lemon trees (hence limoncello).

The restaurant is situated at the top of the island, where you have the most stunning view of the farm and the coastline right over your shoulder.

I was sad to go at the end of the day, promising myself I will one day come back to Capri and Da Gelsomina, but for now, we bid adieu to Michele, thanking him for the wonderful hospitality and experience he gave us in the island of Capri.

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