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Wine Tasting In Tuscany? I'm There!

Florence, a history buff's ideal destination, is located in an area that bears more than just the antiquities of the Renaissance era.

It is surrounded by Tuscany, and is home to an ageless commodity: Chianti.

My mom and I were able to do what we do best and attend a tasting at a local bodega, thirty minutes from the heart of the city.

Castello del Trebbio is the home of many historical anecdotes, and an age-old winery.

FUN FACT: It was handed down through family lines since the era of the Medici- Pazzi feuds (owned by both families in its time).

Upon arrival, we were given a tour of the expansive estate and cellar.

We huddled in the compact cellar, learning more of the processes used to bring to you the awarded Chianti rufina of Castello del Trebbio and the secret importance of olive oil production.

It was finally time for the tasting and it couldn’t have come sooner! We were given some nibbles to pair.

The white wine was a glass of Congiura---their Riesling and Pinot Grigio blend.

The red was the Chianti Superiore, made with region-favorite Sangiovese grapes.

I decided the latter to be my favorite (Love a great red!).

Following this came the reserve, a more expensive wine.

A perfect tip I learned from our guide is “You drink what you like and you’re in luck when its price is the only thing better than the taste".

To finish off the tasting, we enjoyed a dessert wine dubbed Vin Santo, or Holy Wine.

It is similar to that of a port wine and is best enjoyed with a cantucci biscuit or amaretto cookie to dip.

Alone, it is thick and sweet, but soaked up in a cookie and it isn’t a pair to underestimate.

Lingering a while longer, we checked out the picturesque grounds of Castello del Trebbio.

I have always been mesmerized by wine tastings and understanding the intricate flavors that everyone describes in a wine, even from a young age ( don't be fooled, I still cannot smell the fresh flowers or berries in the bouquet of a red by any means).

What better way to indulge in my curiosities than tasting wine from the Chianti region itself!

A distinguished memory amongst others, an Italian wine tasting is something out of my own dreams, especially in a castle, filled with ancient narrative.

Click here for more information on Castello Del Trebbio & their tours!

To end the lovely afternoon on a sweet note, we meandered through the Mercato Centrale, taking notes for my next visit!

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