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This summer, a friend of mine decided to jump on the consumer critique bandwagon and aim for the coveted Yelp Elite status. Naturally, I couldn’t let her go to these events alone, so I decided to do some reviewing myself.

Fast-forward a month, 17 reviews and 39 photos later, and we received a confirmation to our first Yelp event! Being a novice yelper & a newcomer in the world of blogging, this was very exciting.

Yelp teamed up with Season’s 52, an upscale, chain restaurant, offering clean eats, to host Yelp Seasons Summer @ Seasons 52. Though a restaurant I’ve been to around a half dozen times, I was excited to see what all the Yelp-induced fuss was about.

Set up in a private room at Season’s 52, there were countless enticing bites to try.

The Eats:

Hand- passed flatbreads topped with prosciutto and Camembert cheese (currently dreaming about this yumminess!)

Sweet Corn & Ricotta Ravioli

Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Salad

Kona Crusted Rack of Lamb

Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallop (with a delicious corn risotto!)

The Sweets:

Mini Indulgences of:

Cherry Crème Brulee


Key Lime

The Sips:

Rosé & White Wine

Bourbon Peach Smash (had my vote for the evening!)

After a few minutes of trying the Bourbon Peach Smash (yes, I went straight to the drink station like anyone newly 21), I made a bit of small talk with some fellow yelpers.

When my friends joined me at the event soon after, we made our rounds and tried every plate there and on top of it all, no one judged us for the countless photos taken because that’s what we were there to do!

So, what is the point of months of reviewing on Yelp for one evening of free goodies?

The Verdict:

Yelp is very quid pro quo based and has a lot to offer the Yelper, even a newcomer, like me. Not only did we get to fill our bellies with some sensational summer dishes (and delish drinks!) but Yelp goes out of their way to create networks, market companies and ultimately, keep their Yelpers happy. To top off the amount of gratuitous delights received, every person who checked into the event received a free Sunday brunch entrée, bringing business back to Season’s 52. It’s brilliant.

And the best part? The community manager makes sure it happens time and time again!

You, like myself, can find benefit in the Yelp community and that’s why I say, hop on the bandwagon before it pulls away without you!

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