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I'm going to let you in on the most well known, not-so secret: the best time to visit Epcot is during the annual Food and Wine Festival showcasing 35 kiosks indulging in the flavors of the world.

Wine & Cheese Sampler

This festival runs from the end of August into mid November, leaving you many opportunities to cure a case of curious tastebuds.

You may say to yourself that these tantalizing snacks are just that - snack-sized, but in reality the Food and Wine Festival offers an economical way to try the different dishes from around the world at modest pricing. You will find most plates to range from $4 - $8 and with three to four, you would have successfully signed yourself up for an afternoon food coma.

Beer Cheese & Bread

For those who enjoy the indulgences found on the top shelf, Disney offers a Tasting Sampler, for roughly $60, which will allow you to save on beverages and plates that carry a higher dollar price of $8 and above, including two fan favorites by the names of Moet and Veuve (a steal, if you ask me!).

Beer Flight

Starting from the delicacies of France and ending with the spices of Africa, every kiosk has something for someone, including a large variety of vegan-friendly dishes even the most carnivorous in the group will enjoy.

Escargot Croissant

Lemon Cake

The one thing about the Disney experience is that everyone and their mothers want to go (aka me and my mother included; its our little tradition!), so don't wait till the last minute... or even six months in advance, because you will find those, convenient, value resorts to be booked up. Grab your #squad or your favorite person and get to booking your next stay for the 23rd annual festival this Fall 2018.

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