A Short Travel: New Haven, CT Edition

February 13, 2019

Post-grad life has given more truth to my self proclaimed "short travels"nickname than I expected and I have really been feeling the full effects. I had a very short travel over the past MLK weekend to the Northeast to visit a dear childhood friend and simultaneously have my first day off in over 6 months!

Ever since I started my full time job, I decided any time off will be dedicated to an adventure, even if it meant being a little risky. Let’s just say planes and polar vortexes don't play well.  


Fast forward and it’s a snowy Friday at 10:40 AM— I’m in Philadelphia with a cancelled flight, no plan and the nauseating feeling of not knowing what’s next. Of course, I rush to the airline's counter at the announcement of cancellation and customer service really had no words of comfort to offer. I was stuck in Philly. I was already seeing my mini getaway vanish against the background of the Terminal C chaos.


Long story short, I made it to New Haven that day, losing three hours but not a single dime. I successfully maneuvered my way out of my impending misfortune and here’s how:



(I will never forget these three helpful tidbits & neither should you!)

1.If you’re traveling for the weekend, your destination should be relatively close and can be reached by another mode of transport. Before taking flight in bad weather, keep in mind your alternative options, such as renting a car (myth-buster: yes, you can do this under the age of 25) or hopping on a train; it will save you time and money in case you were to find yourself in my situation. Familiarize yourself with these travel options; it can be the difference between making or missing your train and time with your dear friend who's waiting for you! Luckily, I had been on the Amtrak during my semester in DC and was familiar with the unstructured way trains run in the Northeast. 


2.Never— I cannot stress this part enough—ever check your bag in for a connecting flight when you cannot afford to lose time; time lost from a checked bag is no longer justifiable when the modern wonders of luggage compression exist. My AwayBigger Carry On, for instance, fit 3 pairs of boots, an excessive amount of clothings, makeup and puffer jackets for my weekend stay.


Looking back, this was the biggest factor on when I would make it to New Haven and as I said before, fortuitously, I was on a budget, therefore did not check my bag, and was able to make it to New Haven with only 3 hrs lost.


3.Rather, get yourself a  carry-on suitcase that rolls with the punches— quite literally, the gliding ability of the Bigger Carry On saved me time by allowing me a quick sprint through the unfamiliar airport to catch an Uber & make it to the train station before my 12:05 PM Amtrak departure. It’s also extra nice to have a personal item that fits right over the handle of your carry on and has been something I do for every type of trip because it takes the weight off your shoulders—figuratively as well.


Now you may be asking yourself, how not one dollar was lost if I needed to take an Uber ($) to the train station ($$$) without handling my affairs with the airline first?  In the moment, the money was an afterthought, compared to my main focus: getting out of Philly; spending happened before I saw any refunded monies but luckily, it evened out with the cancellation refund.



In retrospect, I would do it all over again and rather than choose a connecting, it may be even more preferential to fly into a larger airport with easy train access. Being a Florida girl, we never really think of the mobility this mode of travel can offer, but it may be the answer circumvent any airport mishaps when venturing out for a short winter travel!



 If you want to see more of the New Haven sights I enjoyed, keep scrolling!




Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library 

Maison Mathis  -- A cafe near Yale's campus serving up belgium waffles! And yes, they are open for dinner.

 The Jitter Bus -- perfect for coffee lovers 

Christina le chef made some curry tofu scramble and it was too pretty not to share!

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