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Taking on the Big Apple with Moment

Unsolicited reality has struck me and I am prematurely reminiscent of my, all too short, travel this weekend. (Ha! See what I did there?)

New York City was my last sweet treat of the summer and the cherry on top was the ability to use my Moment lens (<-- click to check out what they are all about)!

I began this blog in hopes of cultivating my creative side and seeing what may come of it. Writing is a platform that can be done with the simplicity of a pen and paper and while they like to say you don't need much else other than an iPhone to snap a worthy pic, photography is a more challenging media.

The wallet of a college student doesn't leave much room for splurging when the expenses start to pile up. The $1,000 camera you need so badly to "cultivate your creativity"? Yeah, that's pretty much a no-go.

Luckily, I found a solution that would please me and my credit card. I purchased my first Moment lens for $124.99 (including the lens and mounting case), about a month ago, and I haven't been able to put it down since!

The Moment lens is a phone attachment that works for the iPhone and various Androids. Utilizing Moment's phone case, you can mount your lens with ease, making it the perfect travel companion! (Learn more about the lens I used at the end of this post!)

Moment allowed me to capture NYC without completely botching its beauty (lets face it, the picture will never beat the experience).

Thanks to Moment, I got to snap the grandeur that is the Brooklyn Bridge...

... And the messiness of a Chinatown dim sum (not the most aesthetic, but definitely winning for most delicious).

Moment caught the sun before calling it a night, at the High Line.

And eternalized a great moment, enjoyed with my best friend!

Currently, I am using the Wide Lens. It is an 18mm lens which broadens the parameters your iPhone confines you to. In essence, you can capture more in one photo than before. Begone the days of scaling or excessively bending backward (physically speaking) for a decent capture!

I can't wait to continue capturing the best of moments with my Moment!

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