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Weekend Travel & How to Have it in the Bag

DC is more to me than the place I interned in for the earlier half of 2018. Naturally, I decided to take a trip back and, by trip, I do mean a very short travel.

Spirit Airlines is the first airline that pops into anyone's mind when saving is the goal, but is it budget-friendly when you need to pay upwards of $30 for baggage each way? The costs start to creep up on you after so many add-ons that it depletes any margin of savings.

So why did I still fly Spirit Airlines this weekend? I got smart and invested in a personal item-sized bag that allowed me to pay nothing on baggage and bring everything I needed on my trip. It is my latest toy of sorts and I was so excited to break it in this past weekend.

If we get into logistics, this bag has three external pockets, a sleeve to slide it onto the handle of a rolling suitcase ​​and an outer pocket for your laptop - a major plus for anyone trying to get things done before takeoff. When I got to my gate, I was a little worried about the stringent rules they put on your personal items; the exact measurements for a "personal item" om Spirit are 14"x 18"x 14"... which I may have been pushing. The personal bag definitely did not slide under the Spirit chair but was quickly stored in the overhead bins.

If you've ever traveled with me, you know I have yet to grasp the understanding of "minimalist" travel. My favorite part of this bag is that you don't need to be a minimalist traveler to enjoy its uses.

When you open it, it resembles a suitcase with a netted separator and various pockets to store smaller items. For reference, the right pocket you're viewing has about 5 outfits, an 8" camera lens and a pajama (I wear a small, so I'm assuming this may vary slightly on the articles inside).

To the left, I included undergarments, a laundry bag, a fashion fanny pack and other smaller necessities.

Oh, and these beauties!

If you're in disbelief, please know that not only does the bag expand but because there is no hard shell, you can squish squeeze into places without exceeding limits (like those handy steel item measurement stands they place at the gate).

And with that, I was off! No questions asked (which was a great relief). I boarded my plane with bag akin to a clown car and I spent a great weekend in DC without stressing check-in times, luggage hold logistics and $60 in savings!

For the full list of what I got to fit, read below

2 jeans/ 1 pant

2 t-shirt dresses

3 blouses

1 pajama

8p socks + undergarments

1 makeup bag + essential toiletries

2 extra camera lenses ( 1 of 8")

1 mini tripod

1p heels

1 laptop + charger

1p sunglasses

1 external battery

1 BEATS Headphones

1 Camera

1 Full-size hairbrush

1 fanny pack Accessories

Miami, FL, USA

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